About me

About Jack …

I first picked up the guitar at the age of 12, after initially starting on the piano, the guitar was not much good, but I was hooked.

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Over the years the guitars have got better and I have studied many aspects of music and guitar playing. I pride myself on my knowledge and versatility as a musician.

I am currently in two bands, plus a bit of moon lighting with other musicians for some gigs. I play in the original funk band The Collaborators and also acoustic covers duo the B-sides.

I have been in bands, since I was about 15, I often found myself teaching fellow band mates different things, through out the course of rehearsals, giving away all my trade secrets. While still in full time employment, I started teaching others in the evening, until I got the confidence to give up the day job and teach full time.

My live rigs

When I play with the B-sides (and other acoustic work), my rig is pretty simple, I either use my Washburn or Yamaha acoustic guitars, with a Boss DD-3, delay pedal, straight into the mixer, which I have a little spring reverb on. I use the delay sparingly as I like to keep things fairly authentic when using the acoustic. Occasionally, it is tempting to really go for it and get a looper and an octave pedal and create layered parts, but at this moment in time I'm keeping it simple. Part of the enjoyment for me is arranging my guitar parts so it does sound like I'm playing more than one instrument. I feel I may get lazy and complacent, if I were to use a loop pedal live, but never say never

My electric setup is a little involved (it would have to be!), but my ethos remains the same, to keep things simple (and my signal chain). I generally prefer Fender style guitars (Stratocasters and Jaguars). I then run into my pedal board and straight into the front of the amp. I have experimented with using the amps effects loop, for many years I did use it, but the benefits were not enough for me. I tend to favour large combo amps (again ususually that Fender thing).

Currently my main amp of choice is my Fender Hotrod deluxe, George Benson.